Recent News and Commentary
  • Rutgers Cancer Institute Newsroom: Jui Wan Loh is awarded a pre-doctoral fellowship grant by the New Jersey Commission on Cancer Research (NJCCR). October 4, 2018. Link
  • GenomeWeb: Rutgers, Foundation Medicine Study Finds Tumor Sequencing Dx May Misidentify Noncancerous Mutations. April 30, 2018. Link
  • Rutgers Cancer Institute Newsroom: CHIPing away at Cancer Tumors through Genomic Analysis. April 23, 2018. Link
  • NJBIZ: Fighting disease with precision at Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey. February 26, 2018. Link
  • GenomeWeb: Rutgers Statistical Method Assesses LOH in Tumor Suppressor Genes, Supplements Sequencing Panels. January 29, 2018. Link
  • Rutgers Cancer Institute Newsroom: Using ‘LOHGIC’ to Assess Inherited Cancer Mutations. January 23, 2018. Link
  • Rutgers Cancer Institute Newsroom: Mohammad Hadigol is awarded a postdoctoral fellowship grant by the New Jersey Commission on Cancer Research (NJCCR). July 26, 2017. Link
  • NCI Physical Sciences in Oncology Network: The lab is awarded a Trans-Network pilot award in collaboration with Columbia and U. Penn PSOCs. April 2017.
  • Rutgers Faculty & Staff Bulletin: The lab is awarded an American Cancer Society Institutional Research Grant. October 19, 2016. Link
  • PNAS Commentary: Genetic drivers of vulnerability and resistance in relapsed acute lymphoblastic leukemia. September 22, 2016. Link
  • Rutgers Cancer Institute Newsroom: Shedding Light on the Mutational Landscape of the Most Common Pediatric Cancer. September 21, 2016. Link Link
  • Blood Journal: Nodal marginal zone mutational signature. September 8, 2016. Link
  • Rutgers Faculty & Staff Bulletin: Center for Systems and Computational Biology hosts the Workshop on Quantitative Methods in Cancer Genomics. August 24, 2016. Link
  Previously …
  • Columbia Systems Biology News: Distinguishing Patterns of Tumor Evolution in Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. January 5, 2015. Link
  • Blood Journal: CLLonal selection: survival of the fittest? April 3, 2014. Link
  • Nature Genetics: RHOA mutations in peripheral T cell lymphoma. March 27, 2014. Link
  • Cancer Discovery: RHOA Mutations Are a Hallmark of Angioimmunoblastic T-cell Lymphoma. January 23, 2014. Link
  • Nature Reviews Clinical Oncology: Richter's transformation in CLL — a distinct lymphoma. November 26, 2013. Link
  • Science News: Of Swine and Men. February 12, 2010. Link
  • Columbia Magazine: Flu Fighters. Fall 2009. Link
  • Computational Analysis Helps Researchers Understand Emerging H1N1 Flu Strain. May 3, 2009. Link
  • The Guardian: Swine Flu Name Change? Flu Genes Spell Pig. April 30, 2009. Link

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